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The Blindspots podcast

The Blindspots podcast offers practical advice from passionate subject matter experts to address those nagging go-to-market Blindspots.



FEATURED: Competitive Enablement

Jason Smith, CEO and co-founder of Klue

As the co-founder of an award-winning competitive intelligence company, Jason knows just how important it is to stay at the top of your game in an industry that evolves overnight, so tune in to learn how to build a best-in-class competitive enablement program!



Are you targeting the right audience? Are you too early or too late to market? Are you launching a profitable product? We're on a mission to help you understand how to address blindspots in key go-to-market areas through primary research efforts — so that you and your team can drive organizational change.

S02 - EPISODE 7 | Gaining a critical edge in the highly competi...
Sheri Chin and Sarah Spagnola from Galileo Financial Technologies

Sheri Chin, CMO, and Sarah Spagnola, Senior Director of Demand Generation, from Galileo Financial Technologies share their story on how their organization is staying ahead with win-loss analysis in the fast-moving financial services sector.

S02 - EPISODE 6 | Ensuring Success in New Markets with Win-Loss...
Mike Dupuy of Atlassian

Mike Dupuy, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian, shares practical insights about how he and his peers are using win-loss to help Atlassian sell to enterprise organizations more effectively and successfully.

S02 - EPISODE 5 | Salsify's Win/Loss Program Powered by Collabo...
Nathan Teplow of Salsify

Nathan Teplow is the Director of Competitive Intelligence at Salsify. In this episode, Nathan talks about the pivotal role of cross-functional collaboration and program evangelism in the success of a win/loss program. 

S02 - EPISODE 4 | Exploring Forrester's VoC Practice
Derek O'Grady of Forrester

Derek O'Grady is the VP of Customer Experience at Forrester. As the lead on Forrester's win/loss program, Derek shares some really helpful frameworks and advice for building and managing a successful win/loss program. 

S02 - EPISODE 3 | Launching a Successful Win/Loss Program
Valerie Bonaldo of Seismic

Valerie Bonaldo is the Director of Product Marketing, CI at Seismic. In this episode, Valerie talks about the step-by-step process she went through to launch a new win/loss program.

S02 - EPISODE 2 | Uncovering the VoC with Win/Loss Analysis
Elvis Lieben of Gong

Elvis Lieben is the Senior Product Marketing Manager of Velocity at Gong. In this episode, Elvis talks about how Gong's project-based approach to win/loss research helps tap the Voice of the Customer. He also shares how he gets stakeholder buy-in, his method for sharing program findings, and his unique approach to measuring program impact. 

S02 - EPISODE 1 | Transitioning from Tribal Knowledge to a Data...
Jonathan Bedard of Bullhorn

Differentiating yourself from the competition is table stakes. To do this effectively, you must have a deep and accurate understanding of the competitive landscape. Join Jonathan Bedard, SVP of Product Marketing at Bullhorn, who shares his experience embracing a programmatic approach to learning Bullhorn's competition inside and out through win/loss analysis. 

S02 - Trailer | Welcome to Season 2 of Blindspots!
Ryan Sorley and Geoffrey Palmer of DoubleCheck Research

Season 2 is designed to help product marketers and executives in strategic roles within B2B technology companies to unlock the power of win/loss and churn analysis. 

S01 - EPISODE 10 | Discovering a More Efficient Way to Do Market...
Ryan Detwiller of ScalePath

Ryan Detwiller, Founder & CEO of ScalePath, shares helpful insights about how to approach the market sizing question in an accurate and effective manner. 

S01 - EPISODE 9 | Delivering Successful Product Launches
Dave Daniels of BrainKraft

Dave Daniels, Founder of BrainKraft, walks us through the 12 steps to plan and execute successful product launches. 

S01 - EPISODE 8 | Transforming the Way We Analyze Qualitative D...
Benjamin Humphrey of Dovetail

Benjamin Humphrey is the co-founder and CEO of Dovetail, a research platform. In this episode, he tells the story behind Dovetail, what makes it unique and mighty compared to other research platforms, and how Dovetail will continue revolutionizing the research field. 

S01 - EPISODE 7 | Powering Your Sales Kickoff with Win/Loss Dat...
Miko Bird of Optimizely and Chris Herrin of BeyondTrust

This episode of Blindspot includes a fireside chat with guests Miko Bird and Chris Herrin. These two share strategies and practical advice on how to make the most of your win/loss data to engage, educate, and inspire your sales team at your next Sales Kickoff. 

S01 - EPISODE 6 | Diving into the Power of Product-Led Growth
Kyle Poyar of OpenView

On this episode of Blindspots by DoubleCheck Research, Kyle Poyar is here to discuss Product-Led Growth strategies. As an expert on PLG, Kyle shares what it means to be a PLG company and his knowledge on product-led growth strategies that can help you successfully impact your organization's growth rate

S01 - EPISODE 5 | Leveraging Win/Loss Insights to Strengthen CI...
Carlo Cadet of BitSight and Paul Senatori of Sitecore

This fireside chat is lead by DoubleCheck's own Bruce Kasrel and guests Paul Senatori of Sitecore and Carlo Cadet of BitSight. As experts in the field, these two share which CI deliverables are most important to the sales team, how they adapt CI efforts when working with non-sales stakeholders, and—of course—how to leverage win/loss in CI efforts. 

S01 - EPISODE 4 | Exploring an Impactful Monetization Practice
Chris Mele of Software Pricing Partners

Rolling out new pricing is complex and risky, but if done well can level up your company's growth. Today, Ryan sits down with Managing Partner at Software Pricing Partners, Chris Mele, who shares his knowledge in pricing and why you should develop a monetization practice. 

S01 - EPISODE 3 | Building Insightful Buyer Personas
Adele Revella of Buyer Persona Institute

Adele Revella, CEO & Founder of Buyer Persona Institute, unpacks the building blocks of a successful buyer persona effort.

S01 - EPISODE 2 | Creating Relevant Outbound Emails
Jeremey Donovan of SalesLoft

Jeremey Donovan, SVP of Sales Strategy at Salesloft, gives great tips on how to avoid creating norms out of novelties and the perfect amount of personalization necessary to maximize engagement in any situation.

S01 - EPISODE 1 | Exploring a Top-Notch Competitive Enablement ...
Jason Smith of Klue

Jason Smith, CEO and co-founder of an award-winning competitive intelligence company, Klue, knows how important it is to stay at the top of your game in an industry that evolves overnight, so tune in to learn how to build a best-in-class competitive enablement program!

S01 - Trailer | Welcome to Blindspots
Ryan Sorley of DoubleCheck Research

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Blindspots podcast brought to you by DoubleCheck Research! Join Ryan Sorley in thought-provoking conversations with marketing, sales, product, and competitive intelligence experts in the B2B technology space to help product marketers and research managers drive value in their organizations. 

Why Blindspots?

What we’ve learned over the years is that win, loss, and churn research is much more about helping our clients fine tune their go-to-market strategies, supercharge their sales enablement efforts, better understand their buyers and what gets them excited, and getting a beat on what the competition is up to.

Data collection is the easy part. The hard part is putting findings into action. With this in mind, we are excited to offer Blindspots, a podcast for those go-to-market heroes who work super hard each day to make a meaningful difference within their organizations.

We have handpicked the best and brightest thought leaders and subject matter experts from within product marketing, sales enablement, competitive intelligence, product management, and customer success to share their pearls of wisdom with you. Each show includes inspiration and practical advice to help accelerate your go-to-market success.



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