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DoubleCheck Team
DoubleCheck Team Posted on June 9, 2022

The Blindspots Podcast by DoubleCheck Research | Season 2

Welcome to Season 2 of Blindspots! This season brings a new host and a new focus.



In Season 2, we are helping product marketers and executives in strategic roles within B2B technology companies better understand the power of win/loss and churn analysis—a research process that generates a steady stream of fresh, reliable buyer and customer feedback to support efforts in key growth areas such as product/market fit, pricing strategy, buyer journey, competitiveness, and sales effectiveness.

This podcast is brought to you by DoubleCheck Research, an established leader in win/loss and churn research and analysis with a mission to help clients improve their win rates by turning buyer insights into a competitive advantage.

Each month, DoubleCheck Research’s Research Director, Geoffrey Palmer—a storyteller, a playwright, and your podcast host—will engage with win/loss program leaders in the B2B technology space. These insightful conversations will deliver practical advice on how to leverage win/loss and churn analysis to get a leg up on the competition, improve the buying process, gain market share, and increase revenue.


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